I’m Isaac Suberu, an experienced binary options and forex trader with some years of experience in the field. I launched my first youtube channel in 2017 in order to educate people on how to trade binary options and in forex market professionally.

Currently, my YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers; this inspired me to create this website (https://www.jomasisfx.com), where beginners can ask questions about binary options and forex trading, and get satisfactory response.

This website (https://www.jomasisfx.com ) is free for everyone to access, join, make contributions, and ask questions if there is any.

Remember, we are here to solve your trading difficulties

In case you want to contact us, kindly refer to our “contact us” page of this website.

Our Mission
To help every beginner climb the ladder of professionalism in both binary options and in the forex market.

Our Vision
To seeing my followers or students making money off binary options and the forex within a reasonable period of time.